Hooked on Istanbul, born in the Netherlands, grown up in Belgium, I’ve always wondered where I belong. After college in Holland, I traveled to Turkey to explore the boundaries of my protected European life.

When the brutal crushing of a prison riot was all over the Turkish papers I made up my mind: I was staying. For two decades I have reported on issues of life and death, all so close to the surface here. Turkey and its Middle Eastern neighbours are marred by rebellion, wars, revolutions, oppression and torture. People struggle for dignity. In an odd way, all this makes me feel very much alive — and provides substantial raw material for my novels.

Working as a correspondent I witnessed much cruelty and injury, which took its toll. In the end I had to invest time in healing the collateral damage from my life. I’ve gone through any number of methods and therapists. Along the way I decided that I’d be my own healer. I mixed and mashed the various remedies I went to study: Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Istanbul, EFT, Leo Angart’s sight training in Hamburg, Nick Arrizza’s Mind Resonance Process, Peter Grunwald’s Eye-Body method, lectures by neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert, cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, an introduction to psychology from Prof. Paul Bloom at Yale, and, in Barcelona, my current favorite set of mind-body work tools, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion and Body Codes. I found my way by studying, experimenting and synthesising. And it has worked so well, that I now want to help others heal too.


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